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The Actors of the Non Collective Sanitation

Who are the actors of the non collective sanitation (NCS) and what is the role of each of them?

In the field of sanitation, several actors intervene throughout the process of installation or upgrading of your sanitation system. Do you need a design office?

The SPANC (french sewerage administration) and its control role

The SPANC is an administrative structure that generally depends on your town hall or your community of communes.
Contacting the SPANC is an essential and compulsory step for all owners whose houses are located in isolated areas and are not connected to the sewerage system.
The SPANC carries out the controls of the files before work and gives the authorizations for the implementation of the device that you have chosen. It will also be present at the time of the work to validate the installation.
To find out which SPANC you belong to, you can contact your local town hall or the Departmental Council.

The SPANC has a double role

  1. Regulatory role
    The SPANC studies the files sent by the owners who wish to build or upgrade their NCS system. It has the choice to validate or not the file according to its content.
    The SPANC issues an invoice for this service, the amount of which is determined by the local elected officials in charge of the sanitation policy.
    This amount can therefore be different from one community of communes to another.
  2. Control role
    The second mission of the SPANC is to ensure that the work is properly carried out. The latter must check that the works carried out are in conformity with the file presented and validated previously.

He checks in particular, for the installations which need it:

  • The slopes of the pipes at the entrance and exit of the all-water pits or of the micro-stations.
  • The presence of a concrete slab if it is foreseen in the file.
  • The conformity of the backfill around the tanks to ensure the behavior of the installation in time.
  • The surface of the treatment and infiltration zones.
  • The conformity and distribution of the materials used.
  • The installation and conformity of the secondary ventilation on the roof of the house.La mise en place et la conformité de la ventilation secondaire sur le toit de la maison.

The SPANC will also invoice you for this control service. In summary, the competences of the SPANC include:

  • The control of design and realization on the new or rehabilitated works.
  • The diagnostic control of the existing.
  • Periodic control of the proper functioning and maintenance of existing works.

The maintenance and the rehabilitation are optional competences.


The engineering and design departments are in charge of carrying out soil studies. Their main function is to evaluate the capacity of the soil to treat and infiltrate the wastewater of the house. The owner mandates or has mandated by a company the research office which will prepare the study report to be presented to the SPANC. Even if the studies are not yet compulsory everywhere in France, it seems essential to us to invest in this evaluation and measurement tool to guarantee the best conditions of sanitation and dispersion in the natural environment of domestic water.


If the soil does not have the capacity to treat wastewater (because it is wet, for example), the research department will advise the owner to install a microstation. In the case of a soil with a good treatment and infiltration capacity, the owner will have the choice between a traditional sand filter system, a compact filter system and a microstation.

Our advice

  • Soil studies provide objective elements of diagnosis and evaluation.
  • Because of the different natures of soils, we consider them as tools to help the decision of the choice of your individual sanitation system in Dordogne.


The manufacturer of your non collective sanitation system ensures the guarantee of the material.
The duration of the guarantee can vary from one manufacturer to another and from one sanitation system to another. Nevertheless, all the systems benefit from a 10-year warranty on the tanks and up to 2 years on the electromechanical part.


The earth-moving company in charge of the installation of your individual sewage system has the obligation to provide you with the proof of its coverage often called: "decennial guarantee", it protects you 10 years in case of hidden defects.
The earthworker takes care of the installation of your sanitation solution (earthwork, excavation, installation and connection of your device, etc.). He may be entitled to commission the equipment.
If this is not the case, an installer/distributor approved by the manufacturer will take care of the commissioning and will give you all the instructions for use and maintenance.
It is essential to read and keep the user's guide of your sanitation system


It is common sense that the user, whether he/she is the owner or the tenant, should participate in the maintenance of the sanitation system.
The maintenance of the selected sanitation solution can be done by:

  • The user himself. To do so, he/she must consult the user's guide of his/her NCS system. He will have received the manufacturer's instructions beforehand during the commissioning.
  • Or by a third party company. The manufacturer, one of its representatives or a company specialized in the field can take care of the follow-up and the maintenance. In this second case, the user will have first set up a monitoring and maintenance contract with an authorized company. GT ASSAINISSEMENT offers maintenance contracts for your individual sanitation system.
assainissement perigueux boulazac trélissac atur champcevinel marsac

We are able to ensure the after-sales service and maintenance of the sanitation systems of:

  • assainissement individuel dordogne
  • assainissement non collectif périgueux dordogne

    Hotels, campsites, leisure parks, holiday centres.

  • assainissement non collectif chancelade marsac sanilhac coulounieix

    Breweries & Restaurants.

  • assainissement individuel chancelade marsac sanilhac coulounieix
    Castles & charming houses.
  • assainissement non collectif montpon

    Food production companies.

  • assainissement non collectif sarlat terrasson

    Wine growing companies.

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{GT Assainissement} {micro-station fosses sceptiques dordogne}
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