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What is non collective sanitation (NCS)?

Non collective sanitation (NCS)...

...also called "Individual sanitation" or "Autonomous sanitation" gathers all the solutions called "sanitation devices" which can be installed if a house is not connected to the sewerage system of a town.
These houses concerned by the autonomous sanitation are generally located in rural or isolated areas and in the outskirts of big cities.

The autonomous sanitation

Non-collective sanitation is the best solution to treat wastewater in rural areas before discharging it into the natural environment (e.g.: discharge into a pond or a ditch). The autonomous sanitation must answer the need for wastewater treatment, public health and environment.

What is wastewater?
Wastewater is composed of black water (toilet water) and grey water (washbasins, kitchen, washing machine, shower...).
The sanitation systems must allow the common treatment of all these wastewaters. A sanitation system can be installed in a new construction or in a renovation. Each dwelling not connected to the main sewer must have its own wastewater treatment system.

Compliance obligation - Non-compliant home sewage treatment
3 cases: not in conformity by the SPANC (french sewerage administration) after a control visit, you have the obligation to bring your sanitation system up to standards.
The sanitation of your house has been declared non-compliant by the SPANC or its representative:

  • Following a purchase: you have 1 year to bring your sanitation system into conformity (deed of sale transmitted to SPANC by the notary)
  • Following an inspection by the SPANC : you have 4 years to bring your sanitation system into compliance
  • Your sanitation system is failing to the point of changing it: contact us
assainissement perigueux boulazac trélissac atur champcevinel marsac

We are able to ensure the after-sales service and maintenance of the sanitation systems of:

  • assainissement individuel dordogne
  • assainissement non collectif périgueux dordogne

    Hotels, campsites, leisure parks, holiday centres.

  • assainissement non collectif chancelade marsac sanilhac coulounieix

    Breweries & Restaurants.

  • assainissement individuel chancelade marsac sanilhac coulounieix
    Castles & charming houses.
  • assainissement non collectif montpon

    Food production companies.

  • assainissement non collectif sarlat terrasson

    Wine growing companies.

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{GT Assainissement} {micro-station fosses sceptiques dordogne}
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