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How to drain my micro-station?

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    Only the 2m3 aération basin has to be drained.
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    Take care to not damage the diffuser disk located at the bottom of the basin
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    In the little basin, you can remove floats and remove 200L of any accumulated sludge.
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    Remember to return the station in clean water at the end of the draining process : around 1 500 L.
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    You will find below a notice before making your draining process depending on your micro-station model.

Model NG6 – 4 to 6 EH (Inhabitant equivalent)

emptying a micro-treatment plant

Model NG9 - 6 to 9 EH (Habitant equivalent)

emptying a micro-treatment plant

Who to contact for draining my microstation?

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    You can contact the SPANC of your municipality or community of municipalities but make sure that the vacuum cleaner is equipped to drain your micro-station.
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    However, we bring to your attention that a company operating in the Dordogne has the equipment appropriate and is well acquainted on the precautions to be taken for each type of septic tanks and all traditional waters tanks or micro-station INNOCLAIR:

{GT Assainissement} {micro-station fosses sceptiques dordogne}

ZA Le Landry II, Rue Alfred Nobel
24750 Boulazac

Phone : 05 53 04 78 29

{GT Assainissement} {micro-station fosses sceptiques dordogne}

When to drain my microstation?

No need to drain your microstation every year. According to the composition of your household, the frequency of the draining process changes. Frequency of the draining process for a household of 4 residents : every 3 or 4 years.

Is it necessary to subscribe to a maintenance contract?

Yes, it is wise to entrust the maintenance of your microstation through a contract.
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We are able to ensure the after-sales service and maintenance of the sanitation systems of:

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    Hotels, campsites, leisure parks, holiday centres.

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    Breweries & Restaurants.

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    Castles & charming houses.
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    Food production companies.

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    Wine growing companies.

{GT Assainissement} {micro-station fosses sceptiques dordogne}
{GT Assainissement} {micro-station fosses sceptiques dordogne}
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