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Maintenance of a Non Collective Sanitation (NCS)


The user, owner or tenant

It is common sense that the user, whether owner or tenant, should participate in the maintenance of the sanitation system.
The maintenance of the selected NCS (non collective sanitation) solution can be done by:

  • The user himself. To do so, the user must consult the user's guide of his NCS system. He will have received the manufacturer's instructions beforehand during the commissioning.
  • Or by a third party company. The manufacturer, one of its representatives or a company specialized in the field can take care of the follow-up and the maintenance. In this second case, the user will have previously set up a monitoring and maintenance contract with an authorized company. GT ASSAINISSEMENT offers maintenance contracts for your individual sanitation system l.
assainissement perigueux boulazac trélissac atur champcevinel marsac

We are able to ensure the after-sales service and maintenance of the sanitation systems of:

  • assainissement individuel dordogne
  • assainissement non collectif périgueux dordogne

    Hotels, campsites, leisure parks, holiday centres.

  • assainissement non collectif chancelade marsac sanilhac coulounieix

    Breweries & Restaurants.

  • assainissement individuel chancelade marsac sanilhac coulounieix
    Castles & charming houses.
  • assainissement non collectif montpon

    Food production companies.

  • assainissement non collectif sarlat terrasson

    Wine growing companies.

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{GT Assainissement} {micro-station fosses sceptiques dordogne}
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